Re: HSL and HSLA

L. David Baron (2008-05-13):
> On Tuesday 2004-10-19 01:13 +0200, David Latapie wrote:
>> 4.2.1. RGB color values
>> RGBA color values
>> 4.2.2. 'transparent' color keyword
>> 4.2.3. HSL color values
>> HSL Examples
>> HSLA color values
> .

<> and
cover related editorial stuff, but I see them neither mentioned in  
the issue tracker nor incorporated into the Editor's Draft <http://>.

I tend to agree with Fantasai's suggestion in < 
Archives/Public/www-style/2008May/0146.html> to use "basic" and  
"extended" instead of "HTML4" and "SVG", although I still despise the  
X11 color keywords and consider "extended" almost euphemistic.

> I think there is value in having a section for each possible type of
> value.  It's a common way of organizing references, and it's helpful
> to implementors.

Yes, but the current structure of sections (and subsections) is not  
optimal at all. Anchors should be left as is, if possible, but this  
is much less important than a coherent order.

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