[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2008-05-14


   David Baron
   Bert Bos
   Elika Etemad (scribe)
   Daniel Glazman (arrived late)
   Dave Hyatt
   Peter Linss (chair)
   Alex Mogilevsky (via IRC)
   David Singer
   Jason Cranford Teague
   Steve Zilles (left early)

No resolutions this week, just some discussion:

   - Reminder to Members to review charter
   - fantasai posted proposed resolutions for most Backgrounds and Borders
     issues; some issues still need input, all need review by next week:
   - Some opposition to suggestion to change 'background-origin' to
   - Percentage border widths will most likely be dropped due to complications
     in shrink-wrap and table situations and lack of use cases.
   - Still waiting on Opera for module priority feedback for Charter.

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* alexmog is on IRC, will call in if needed


   Peter: Has everyone reviewed the charter?
   <dbaron> I've read a bunch of previous drafts of the charter; not sure
            if they include the current one.
   <fantasai> you said the *exact* same thing last time!
   <dsinger> I did read the charter a little while back, I may not be up
             to date, tho
   Jason: My team had a meeting and talked about it. We think we should
          consider saying a bit more about outreach
   Peter: Still waiting on Opera for module feedback
   Peter: No comments on module priority on www-style
   fantasai: I didn't see Selectors 4 on the list anywhere
   Peter: I assumed any expansions of existing modules was already covered.

Backgrounds and Borders

   Peter: So only things on agenda this week are Backgrounds and Borders
   <fantasai> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2008May/0148.html
              Bottom list
   fantasai summarizes issues in "needs discussion" list

   dbaron: opposed to changing background-origin to background-box
   hyatt: I like background-origin -- I think it's descriptive.

   peter: for positioning from other corners, I can see that calc() can do
          it.. I can also see the utility in using start/end
   peter: maybe add start/end keywords to calc?
   fantasai doesn't think that makes much sense
   fantasai: one proposal for syntax was
             background-position: bottom 10px right 25px;

   peter: for percentage border widths, I have a vague memory that adding
          more percentages to width calculations can create circular
          dependencies.. but maybe I'm wrong
   hyatt: I don't think you get a circular dependency if you add the same
          rules we have other places, relative to the width of the block
          and defaulting to something else if you can't resolve the percentage
   dbaron: We already have the same problems with percentage margins. I'm
           concerned about tables.
   hyatt: you could say it doesn't apply
   fantasai: It always applies. You can default it to 'medium'
   hyatt: is there a compelling use case for this?
   fantasai: not really
   fantasai: it's there for margin and padding
   fantasai: figured we'd ask WG if anyone really wants to implement it
   Bert: borders don't always look like borders
   hyatt: if there's no compelling use case, then leave it to another level
   hyatt: it's just another thing to hold back the module
   Bert: I'd like to add it and mark it at risk
   fantasai: I don't want to define what happens in tables, that's extra work
             and not easy
   peter: should record idea somewhere
   fantasai: We can add a note about the problems and why we're planning to
             drop it in the next WD
   fantasai: then drop it in the next round
   This seems to be an ok plan.

   peter: I think percentage border radii were implemented in Gecko
   dbaron: I think it is too.
   fantasai: Gecko avoids the confusion of what percentages are relative
             to by only allowing one radius: corners are always circular
   hyatt: I think percentage border radii and percentage border widths go
   fantasai: I think it sounds like they go together when you say it, but
             not when you look at it
   * glazou is joining the call now
   peter: I think the use case was for having rounded ends
   fantasai: you can get that if you set large radii, say 2em on a
             navigation button. They get reduced until they don't intersect,
             so you'd get rounded ends that way

   peter: Everyone please review the list of issue changes here, we will
          discuss next week as needed

Logo Contest

   peter: update on logo contest
   jason: for the prizes we have generous donations from HP and Adobe for
           a first-prize kit
   jason: we could use more, anything like T-shirts etc
   <dsinger> I have not yet got response from Apple folk
   jason: right now only have enough for first place
   jason: end of update

Charter Module List

   fantasai: what is the plan for module list in charter?
   peter: wait for Opera.. if we don't hear from Opera then we'll just go
          ahead with what we have
   fantasai: for things that will shift from implementor feedback (like
             CSS Namespaces), how are you going to do that?
   peter: editorial change by me

Meeting closed.

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<plinss> FYI: Namespace transition to CR approved

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