Re: [css3-background] box-shadow syntax

Eli Morris-Heft wrote:
> Brad Kemper wrote:

>> Sorry, but no. That is not at all the same thing, and looks like the 
>> poor simulation that it is. No offense.
> Perhaps what Brad is trying to point out, or, at least, what I want to 
> know, is: How, then, do you give your box a border? Elements that have 
> borders but are "far away" from the canvas should have some kind of spread.

I agree.

> Also, I would like to respectfully request that demonstrations be made 
> available in some sort of image format instead of using 
> already-implemented proprietary CSS extensions. The algorithms used to 
> compute these might change from build to build, or change in different 
> window sizes, and they may prevent us from discovering better ways to 
> think about a property. (No offense meant to the teams who code said 
> algorithms.) Images are the only way to ensure that things are being 
> seen identically by all parties.
> Eli Morris-Heft

I agree again, but things done in CSS also show things that are not seen 
by static images and visa verso. Like how blurred shadows or glows 
overlap and converge creating different effects.

Anyhow, I only have PSP for my graphics program. I will leave the 
graphics for the experts like Brad, etc. with better tools. :-)

Here another test case just with color.

and resizing the window will give this effect.

Notice how when the transparent backgrounds converge (overlap) that a 
new colors appear but with more saturation. This is why I would like to 
have box-shadow shown through transparent backgrounds.

This is why I have said previously that's it good to brainstorm. Brads 
graphics have help me greatly.


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