Re: [CSS2.1] syntax: url() and unexpected end of (line / style sheet)

* Zachary Weinberg wrote:
>Let me make sure I understand you: there is no URI token here, so
>the lexer should back up and tokenize this as
>  FUNCTION[url(] STRING["picture.png"] ')'
>with the close quote and close paren provided by the "close open
>constructs" rule.  This token sequence is an invalid argument to
>background-image:, so the rule is dropped.  Correct?

Whether it is dropped is an open issue the working group should resolve,
but yes, that is my interpretation.

>If so I would argue that this is inconsistent with the treatment of
>other things that have the form of function application, e.g.
>  <style>#foo { background-color: rgb(12,34,56</style>
>and the spec should be changed somehow, so that either both or
>neither of those are valid.

The difference, if there is to be any, would be coming from URI being
a token on its own, unlike other functional notations.

>Yes, but to use that in a test case, I need a construct where
>square bracket blocks are *meaningful* in a value, not just
>allowed in the generic syntax.  Sorry for being unclear.

I think 'font-family' still allows pretty much any value unquoted, but
I am not sure which font-family 'font-family: [' would select; perhaps
if you install a font '[' and a font '[]' and either is selected... We
might want to make a special -w3c-anything property for this.
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