Re: [css3-background] box-shadow syntax

Brad Kemper wrote:

>> Hi Brad, can you please explain how you can give a negative value for 
>> a blur? I not understanding or seeing.
>> Alan
> You'd have to read what I wrote above that. But I will give an example:
> What I am suggesting is that if that if you have, for instance, 4px for 
> the blur value of box shadow, then it is a 4px blur on an outer shadow, 
> as it is now in Webkit. But if you specify a -4px blur value then it 
> would be interpreted as a 4px blur on an inner shadow. So the blur is 
> still 4px wide, but the negative sign indicates that it goes on the 
> inside and not the outside.

Understanding, Thank you. How about:




for a even blur.


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