Re: Suggestion for CSS3 selectors (fwd)

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

> People, are you serious about all this?
> What CPU would you use to process this:
> :root < a:hover { color:sisyphean; font:boulder; }
> ?
> This simply means recalculation of styles and layout of all DOM elements 
> on simple a:hover. So is my question above.
> Complexity of style resolution for *single* element using
> containment selector is O(n), where n is a number of DOM elements in the 
> whole tree. So resolving the whole DOM against single containment rule 
> is O(n*n). This will not fly.

Would this work.

ul (li>a:hover) { for UL..}
ul (li>ul>li>a:hover) { for UL..}

Where what appears between the rounded brackets show every element up 
the tree for a CSS parser walk.

I do agree with Fantasai that this should be left for CSS4 and have the 
  CSS3 Selector module as a REC this later this year.


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