Re: [css] List of all CSS properties

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Bert Bos wrote:
> Nice!
> Is this done by hand? I have a similar list for internal use that is 
> automatically generated. (It looks for class=propdef in all 
> specifications that are linked from 

This would certainly be more efficient, as indeed, I compiled it all manually.

> > Please note that probably unsurprisingly, there are quite a few
> > issues with CSS 3 Modules […] However, I'd currently only send in
> > error reports when explicitly requested, since even spelling mistakes
> > pointed out to W3C groups seem rather not to be fixed at all […]
> That surprises me. I can't talk for "W3C groups" in general, but I 
> thought the CSS group kept track of issues rather well...

I didn't really refer to the CSS WG anyway, I'm sorry, I primarily had this experience with other Working Groups. I'll try to document a few issues I noticed nonetheless.

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Yes, ver nice ! Can I suggest adding a column saying if a property
> is inherited or not ?

Yes, though this might take some time. I'm currently just happy that the list is up and running ;)

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>   *
> Ideally someone would extend and maintain the schema files and
> some processing tools to extract overview files from them.

Yes, it all boils down to continuous maintenance anyway ;)

Jens Meiert

Received on Friday, 28 March 2008 07:47:29 UTC