RE: CSS Charter (Apple's Wishlist)

I would like to push back and ask why new "cool" things should be considered for addition to the charter when we have core pieces that are not completed yet.

Perhaps with each new "cool" piece there should be a commitment to first finish one core piece of the standard. That way we can have the core pieces finished along with getting the new "cool" ideas in.


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> David Hyatt wrote:
>> Here is a list from Apple regarding what we would like to see
>> within the scope of the CSS WG's charter.
> What resources is Apple willing to allocate towards getting these
> proposed
> specs and test suites done?

Dean, Chris and I (the three of us who wrote the proposal) are
actively working in this area.  I would volunteer to be the editor of
any new modules.  The three of us are all ready to respond to issues
raised by the list and to make edits as needed.  As we implement and
build out tests for the features (testing animations in an automated
way is actually pretty difficult) we can make them available.  (Note
that all of WebKit's regression tests are viewable in the open source


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