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Hello people,

The CSS Working Group discussed today the grammar of the
:nth-child() and friends functional pseudo-classes included
in the Selectors spec. Because of the CSS lexical scanner,
parsing :nth-child(an+b) can be very complex if, as always
in CSS, we allow whitespaces everywhere, including between
the sign of a and its numeral part and so on.
We also would like at some point in the future to discuss
real math expressions in CSS, so we don't want to make today
choices that could be harmful to that future discussion.

We then propose to restrict whitespaces in the nth-child()'s
argument to ONLY after the '(' and before the ')'. Since this is not the
common practice in CSS - whitespace is usually allowed everywhere -
we would like the web designers community to let us know if
they think it's an acceptable compromise or if you think for
instance that web authors will make a lot of mistakes putting
invalid whitespaces inside the expression.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Feel free to forward the question
as soon as the answer is sent to the mailing-list.


Received on Tuesday, 11 March 2008 17:47:45 UTC