Re: [css3-namespace] General and editorial comments

Erik Dahlström wrote:
> Dear CSS WG,
> This is a last call comment from the SVG WG on the CSS Namespaces 
> Module, W3C Working Draft 15 February 2008, 
> Please let us 
> know if you have any questions by CC:ing your responses to
> My sincere apologies for the review being sent a few days late.
> Its good to see this small but vital syntactic addition (agreed in
> 1998) at last moving towards completion. The draft is in general good
> and the comments from the SVG WG are mostly minor issues of clarification.
> The numbering of the examples is a bit odd at first glance. The first
> example in the spec is "example IV", which is followed by "example VI".
> There seem to be a few examples in between (judging by the html source),
> but they don't show a number. Is that intentional?

That would be a style sheet error. :P Should be fixed.

> We have a few more specific comments, to make it easier to follow and 
> respond to we have split them into individual emails by section.

Thanks :)


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