Re: [CSS21] white-space default on :before and :after (was Re: Microsoft contributing test cases to the CSS WG)

* L. David Baron wrote:
>I don't see why you think that.  As I described in
> there
>only seems to be one implementation that treats \a as causing
>line-breaks with default values for 'white-space', and that's Opera.
>The uncertainty is coming from the examples in the spec that
>disagree with its normative text.  If we remove those, it'll be
>largely gone.  And given that a majority of shipping implementations
>of generated content agree with the normative text in the spec, I
>think we should have a pretty strong bias towards keeping the
>normative spec as-is.

What I meant is that, when we added the white-space declarations to the
example in the 'content' section and the sample style sheet, we just had
content:"...\A..."; in both places, without accompanying white-space de-
claration. That gave the incorrect impression you do not need to specify
white-space, so we specified white-space explicitly in those places.

I do not think we should have any content:"\A"; without white-space in
the sample place, we should not remove the content:"\A" example in the
'content' section, and I assume you did not mean to suggest to remove
the whole sample style sheet, so that would only leave the example in
the 'white-space' section to be removed. I was concerned you wanted to
remove more than that; I am perfectly fine with keeping the normative
text as it is. Perhaps you can list the specific changes you had in
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