Re: Fwd: [cssom-view] small update

On Thu, 06 Mar 2008 21:36:29 +0100, Garrett Smith <>  
>>  I think it's ready for Last Call.
>  Not without more tests its not.

Formal tests are typically done during Candidate Recommendation stage.

>  The way you've spec'd offset* doesn't really reflect what browsers do.

As far as I can tell it matches three out of four browsers relatively  
well. Not perfect yet, of course, but that's to be epxected.

>  You seem to be in denial about this, or are unwilling to investigate
>  the matter more. You also seem to want to avoid a lot of questions and
>  don't want to test. I'm not sure what the reluctance is. What is the
>  problem, Anne?

I have tried to answer your questions, but it seems we simply disagree on  
what the specification should be based. I'm not sure why you keep being so  
hostile in your comments as I mean no harm.

Anne van Kesteren

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