Re: tb-lr Korean etc.

On 04/03/2008, Paul Nelson (ATC) <> wrote:
> In China I see old Chinese text sometimes written horizontally in right to left order.

This is still sometimes seen, though it seems to be quite rare now. As
recently a few years ago you can still see rtl headlines in some

Some years ago this was still quite commonplace in HK, and we used to
joke in chemistry class that we Chinese just need to learn how to read
bottom-to-top, since we have seen all the other 3 directions.

>  I have not seen any vertical Chinese in left to right lines. We have a lot of text on door posts, etc. in vertical mode that is commonly seen.
>  I too would be interested to see examples.

Unfortunately what I've seen had been all either in print or on TV.
When I have the chance and see anything next time I'll take some

>  Paul


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