Re: When is a first letter not a :first-letter?

2008/6/29 Brad Kemper <>:
> Conceptually, neither is a number. Why would you allow a number to be a
> "first letter", but not punctuation? It seems like a rather arbitrary
> decision.

Yes. My first year CS prof would say exactly the same thing. No
matter how well we back up our arguments, it's still fundamentally
an arbitrary decision either way.

But I would tend to think that normal typographic practice would
more likely treat a number as the same class as a letter but not

I feel "what constitutes a first-letter if the first sentence is in Arabic"
(with all the letters connected together) is probably more of a
problem. But I don't speak Arabic and the Arabic typographers
probably already know the answer.

The 'net used to be run by smart people; now many sites are run by
idiots. So SAD... (Sites that do spam filtering on mails sent to the
abuse contact need to be cut off the net...)

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