Re: CSS 2.1 'overflow' applicability to table row groups

Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 9:40 AM, Robert O'Callahan 
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>     The latest CSS 2.1 draft says that 'overflow' does not apply to
>     table row groups. However, a lot of Web sites depend on it
>     applying to table row groups. The spec should be changed to
>     reflect reality.
> Sorry. It seems only Gecko supports 'overflow' on table row groups. I 
> assumed IE did too since quite a few people are using it and filing 
> bugs about it. (Seems like every time I post to this list I make a 
> fool of myself!)
> Still, since people are using it, should we add it to the spec? Or 
> should we remove it from Gecko?
If you are looking for solution of scrollable tables like here:
then tbody { overflow: auto} will not help you for the following reasons:

1) scrollbar has to be a part of the table not tbody. Otherwise widths 
of cells in thead and tbody (with scrollbar)
will not match. And scrolling in horizontal direction has to scroll 
thead too.
2)  Scrollable tbody would require flex length units:  so you can say 
tbody height equal the rest that is left from
header and footer in table height.

I've managed to support of scrollable tables by enabling overflow:auto | 
scroll for table elements plus
added @fixedcols and @fixedrows DOM attributes. Not perfect but works in 
most of practical use cases.

"since people are using it" - haven't seen such uses to be honest. Any 

Andrew Fedoniouk.

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