Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Application to @media and @import rules.

* fantasai wrote:
>   # If the comma-separated list is the empty list it is assumed to specify the
>   # media query ‘all’.
>Currently @media { ... } is invalid in CSS2.1. I think it should therefore remain
>invalid in CSS Level 3, and in that case you will need wording somewhere that the
>media list in @media rules cannot be empty.

That needs to be specified in the specification for the @media rule,
unless you are asking that the empty list should be invalid everywhere.

>   # The media queries syntax can be used with HTML, XHTML, XML [XMLSTYLE] and the
>   # @import and @media rules of CSS.
>This sentence is very imprecise. If you're going to say something normative about
>these technologies, then you should specify precisely how media queries syntax can
>be used and cite the specifications that define the technologies you're modifying.
>For example, you can say that media queries replaces the 'media' attribute syntax
>in HTML4 and the XHTML languages based off of that spec. Later versions of these
>technologies can then cite Media Queries directly, e.g. HTML5 can refer to Media

In response to disagreement between myself and the HTML Working Group,
the Hypertext Coordination Group decided how the divergent types and
syntaces for media attributes and similar contexts should be handled.

I do not believe the above is meant to make normative changes to these
other specifications, and I do not think it should do so, so a better
change would be to say, it is expected that the relevant specifications
will be updated to enable use of media queries as in these examples.

I would very much dislike a situation where specifications modify each
other with no clear process for that, and no clear index to check for
any such updates. The IETF has this in place, the W3C not at all.
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