[css3-mediaqueries] Application to @media and @import rules.

   # If the comma-separated list is the empty list it is assumed to specify the
   # media query Ďallí.

Currently @media { ... } is invalid in CSS2.1. I think it should therefore remain
invalid in CSS Level 3, and in that case you will need wording somewhere that the
media list in @media rules cannot be empty.

   # The media queries syntax can be used with HTML, XHTML, XML [XMLSTYLE] and the
   # @import and @media rules of CSS.

This sentence is very imprecise. If you're going to say something normative about
these technologies, then you should specify precisely how media queries syntax can
be used and cite the specifications that define the technologies you're modifying.
For example, you can say that media queries replaces the 'media' attribute syntax
in HTML4 and the XHTML languages based off of that spec. Later versions of these
technologies can then cite Media Queries directly, e.g. HTML5 can refer to Media

In the case of CSS you should say that media queries (as defined in this specification)
replaces the list of media types in the @import and @media rules defined in CSS2.1.

Note that you also need a conformance section. I suggest copying the conformance
section from the CSS Namespaces spec. :)


Received on Monday, 16 June 2008 22:33:52 UTC