Re: [CSS 2.1: 9.4.1] Block Formating Context - clarification of term propagated

Alan Gresley wrote:
> If so, then my understanding of the word propagated used in the spec 
> isn't correct. I understand propagated to mean inherited.

Inheritance has a very specific meaning in CSS. This sentence refers
to the behavior Philippe Wittenbergh quotes from 11.1:

Philippe Wittenbergh wrote:

> That all refers to 11.1:
> [quote]
> UAs must apply the 'overflow' property set on the root element to the viewport
> [/quote] 

Note that this behavior also applies to the <body> element in some cases,
so it is not always the root element's value that gets propagated.

# HTML UAs must instead apply the 'overflow' property from the BODY element
# to the viewport, if the value on the HTML element is 'visible'.


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