Re: [CSS 2.1: 9.4.1] Block Formating Context - clarification of term propagated

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Alan Gresley wrote:
>> Can this part.
>> #except when that value has been propagated to the viewport
>> be added to by mentioning the root element, like.
>> #except when that value has been propagated to the viewport from the 
>> root element
> That second statement is not logically equivalent to the first one....
> -Boris

Yes your right. I see that you wrote later and not previous which would 
mean you referring to where I write.

When decreasing the size of the viewport the viewport itself becomes an 
overflow container when any contents within the BODY (height or width) 
exceeds the height or width of the viewport or if an element is 
positioned outside (to the right or below) the viewport. This itself 
does not establish a 'new block formating context'.

This can be simply put, when a user agent offers a scrolling mechanism.

If so, then my understanding of the word propagated used in the spec 
isn't correct. I understand propagated to mean inherited.

Am I understanding this right?


Received on Monday, 9 June 2008 08:57:26 UTC