New CSS variables syntax in latest WebKit

I've added support for several of the proposed syntax ideas for CSS  
variables to WebKit.  They are basically all co-existing side by side  
in WebKit right now.  The idea is for people to try out test cases to  
help get a feel for which syntax works best (or you can just proclaim  
which syntax you think is best right now without writing any tests at  
all). ;)

For the rules, the following syntax works:


@-webkit-variables { ... }
@-webkit-variables screen { ... }


@-webkit-define { ... }
@-webkit-define for screen { ... }

For variable references, the following syntax works:

(1) -webkit-var(foo)
(2) =foo=
(3) $foo

One concern about using a symbol to represent a variable is that there  
is no way to vendor-prefix it.  Then again, just using a symbol like =  
or $ looks nicer than the ugly "-webkit-var" notation.


Received on Friday, 25 July 2008 18:40:00 UTC