Re: text-overflow: ellipsis

2008/8/2 Brad Kemper <>:
> If the convention does exist, shouldn't the appropriate character for the
> script in use be used? Thus a six dot ellipse (or six periods) automatically
> if using Chinese?

Mostly, in computer user interfaces, the English ellipsis is
always used (I don't know why). I'd say the convention (of
actually using a 6-dot ellipsis) does not actually exist.

So, by "one way or another" I meant (1) if some author feels
that a three-dot ellipsis is wrong because the Chinese ellipsis
should have 6 dots, he/she should have the option to use the
correct one, but (2) if the browser is required to always
default to the "correct" ellipsis I definitely won't mind :)


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