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> 2008/8/1 Joeri Sebrechts <>:
>> - There were suggestions earlier on to drop the ability to specify an
>> alternate string to use instead of the ellipsis character, but I  
>> think this
>> would be a handy feature because then you'd offer a way to deal  
>> with varying
>> conventions on how a visual hint of obscured content must be  
>> rendered in
>> different locales (e.g. chinese).
> The Chinese (and, if I understand it correctly, Japanese) ellipsis  
> has 6 dots,
> or at least pedantically it still does. So, yes, it would be good to
> see this (i.e.,
> ellipses that are not three dots) respected one way or another,  
> irrespective
> of whether conventions for obscured content exist or not.

If the convention does exist, shouldn't the appropriate character for  
the script in use be used? Thus a six dot ellipse (or six periods)  
automatically if using Chinese?

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