Re: [CSS21] Why are browser default style values different from Appendix D

> I was just wondering why there is so much difference between browser default
> values and CSS 2.1 Default values.
> I know Appendix D is non-normative,

That certainly explains it just fine.

> but since real world implementation is significantly different, would developers/
> browsers be interested in seeing these changes driven back in to the spec?

Interesting; at least CSS 2.1 states that its default style sheet's
"based on extensive research into current UA practice", though in fact
it does not and probably cannot take into account actual UA CSS
implementations [1] … Personally, I think it's not the goal of the
spec to do that, either, even though it might be of value for one or
the other.


Jens Meiert

Received on Tuesday, 29 April 2008 07:51:12 UTC