Re: Acronyms inside "text-transform: uppercase"

Christoph Päper wrote:
>  (If you want to, you may add a |title| attribute containing "United
>  States", it doesn't matter for this discussion.)
>  Should CSS provide a solution to the problem of "hard-coded"
>  uppercase words, i.e. acronyms usually, inside "soft-coded" uppercase
>  text? How would this look like? I have no idea which existing
>  property would be suitable for this or what a new one would be
>  called.

If you have a |title| attribute with the expanded term, you could use 
|abbr[title="United States"] { content: "U.S."; }|.

Still, I guess it might be interesting to have more generic declarations 

|text-decoration: post-character("."); /* "US" > "U.S.*/|

To go off on a tangent, you might even have:

|text-decoration: intra-character(" "); /* "Hello World !" > "H e l l 
o   W o r l d !*/|
|text-decoration: inter-character("."); /* "Hello World !" > 
".H.e.l.l.o. .W.o.r.l.d.!.*/|

— Patrick Garies

Received on Thursday, 24 April 2008 16:55:30 UTC