Acronyms inside "text-transform: uppercase"

Dear CSS WG,

I recently wrote this on the WHAT WG mailing list:

>> inside a run of text styled with "text-transform: uppercase"  
>> acronyms should get dots, which is impossible with current CSS,  
>> e.g. "IRAN THREATENS US" vs. "IRAN THREATENS U.S." from "<h1>Iran  
>> threatens <abbr class="acro">US</abbr></h1>".

(If you want to, you may add a |title| attribute containing "United  
States", it doesn't matter for this discussion.)

Should CSS provide a solution to the problem of "hard-coded"  
uppercase words, i.e. acronyms usually, inside "soft-coded" uppercase  
text? How would this look like? I have no idea which existing  
property would be suitable for this or what a new one would be called.

Hard-coding the dots is not a valid solution in my opinion -- except,  
perhaps, if you could remove them with CSS, which would be related to  
removing all kinds of quotation marks (think |q|) and parentheses  
(think |ruby|) from the start and end of textual content without  
extra markup.

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2008 18:05:42 UTC