Re: [cssom-view] Why is body's offsetParent null ?

On Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:52:54 +0200, Daniel Glazman  
<> wrote:
> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> document.body.getBoundingClientRect().top -  
>> document.documentElement.getBoundingClientRect().top
>>  or
>>  document.body.offsetTop - document.documentElement.offsetTop
> Excerpt from your own spec : "If A is the HTML body element or does not
> have an associated CSS layout box return zero and stop this algorithm".

I'm sorry. I'm still a bit sleepy I guess.

> So document.body.offsetTop is always zero and your last proposal above
> does not work.
> If only the first one is available, that means that for all elements
> but document.body, we use A.offsetTop and for document.body, we use
> A.getBoundingClientRect().top ??? That's really inconsistent and
> painful.

Actually, you would probably always use getBoundingClientRect() as that's  
far more consistent and reliable than any of the offset* attributes. They  
are mainly defined because lots of legacy scripts use them currently to  
calculate the position of an element using while loops (which the  
specification handles fine).

Anne van Kesteren

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