Re: [css3-namespace] Empty String Namespaces

* Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>Note that in terms of, say, the DOM selectors API an empty string default 
>namespace means there is no default namespace while an empty string namespace 
>for a prefix is an error.
>Recasting that in terms of @namespace rules, that would mean that
>   @namespace "";
>has no effect on matching whatsoever, while
>   @namespace foo "";
>should be an error.  That would correspond to "yes, yes, no, no", right?

I agree with your analysis. However, in an XML 1.1 document, whether you
have <example xmlns='' /> or <x:example xmlns:x='' /> does not matter,
in both cases you have the "example" element in no namespace, and I'd
expect the same from the @namespace rules. I think if either of these is
an error, both should be an error.

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