RE: My solution of webfonts problem

Currently, if the @font-family name collides with the system, we assume that the font is already installed on the system and there is no need to install the font. The rationale is:

Person A has Windows Vista with Constantia installed.
Person B has a Linux machine that does not have Constantia installed.

When they open the same web page that has @font-face("Constantia") on it, both will see the same content, but only Person B needs to download the font for viewing the content as Person A already has the font installed.

The same scenario could be played out with a Linotype or Ascender font that was purchased by one person, but not another.

One can raise the issue of versioning of the embedded font being newer and having more character support. Likewise, one could have just the opposite situation where the embedded font is older than the one installed.

How complex do we want to make the system?


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By the way: I raised my proposal just because of discussion in
"[css3-webfonts] Downloaded fonts should not..." thread :)

Personally I would like to see the following behavior:

* The fonts in @font-face are like images, stylesheets, and the page
itself - they are only temporatory and not installed in system (as far
as I know, it is also impossible on UNIX platforms as a user other than
root without SUIDs).
* If the font's name collide with system fonts, the @font-face font has
higher priority.


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