Re: [CSS21] Alternate solution to issue 8 (whitespace and tables)

fantasai wrote:
> Are you saying that would also be necessary with
> or are you saying something else?

I'm saying that what needs to happen here needs to be clearly defined and 
unambiguous, and needs to be compatible with existing HTML content.

The proposal at 
seems acceptable to me for these purposes.  It'll be a bit of a pain to 
implement when the text is "white-space: pre" and split over multiple textnodes, 
some of which are whitespace-only and some are not...  But then again, the whole 
thing about anonymous table box generation is a major pain to implement, so this 
might be no worse.

There should certainly be some careful tests for this in the CSS 2.1 test suite...


Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2008 01:35:05 UTC