Re: [CSS21] Alternate solution to issue 8 (whitespace and tables)

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> fantasai wrote:
>> That's more ambiguous. You'd then have to define how the white-space
>> processing rules interlace with the anonymous box generation rules.
> That exact issue was precisely the point I was trying to raise.  This is 
> what needs to be defined.

Currently the white space processing rules imply that they happen after
anonymous box generation:

   # Any text that is directly contained inside a block element (not
   # inside an inline element) should be treated as an anonymous
   # inline element.
   # For each inline element (including anonymous inlines elements),
   # the following steps are performed, treating bidi formatting
   # characters as if they were not there:

Anonymous boxes wouldn't exist if we were processing white space before
they were created.

Anne's alternate proposal would require changing this to (very explicitly)
interlace the anonymous table box and anonymous inline box generation
rules with the white space generation rules.

Are you saying that would also be necessary with
or are you saying something else?


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