Re: [CSS21] spelling of whitespace

On Tuesday 08 April 2008 10:20, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Change "white space" to "whitespace" throughout.
>space%22 shows that at least
> is affected. (Maybe that's the only page.)
> (For what it's worth, both "white space" and "whitespace" are
> correct, but the latter is used in CSS 2.0 and is used more
> frequently in CSS 2.1.)

On the other hand, the property is called 'white-space', so maybe it's 
more consistent to use "white space"...

But it's true that "whitespace" occurs more often: 41 times against 10.

I assume this is editorial and as I'm the editor, I've gone ahead and 
done it: changed 10 occurrences of "white space" and one occurrence 
of "white-space" (not referring to the property) to "whitespace".

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