Re: Dual-mode elements (ACTION-37)

Brad Kemper wrote:
> Thanks for getting this started, Bert.
> On Apr 7, 2008, at 10:22 AM, Bert Bos wrote:
>> Also, there is no property to specify whether an element starts out
>> collapsed or expanded: it always starts out as ':normal' and the style
> I don't care for that part much. I think it is important to allow some 
> elements to be in one state and others in another at the outset, without 
> having to give them different classes. Like you can with "checked" on 
> radio buttons and checkboxes.

If you can distinguish the elements with selectors, you can also give 
them different styles. No need to use the class attribute if you don't 
want to. E.g., you could use the title attribute:

     <li title="make me green">This starts as red.
     <li title="make me red">This starts as green.
     <li title="make me red">This, too.

     /* LIs that start red */
     li[title="make me green"]:normal {color: red}
     li[title="make me green"]:alternative {color: green}

     /* LIs that start green */
     li[title="make me red"]:normal {color: green}
     li[title="make me red"]:alternative {color: red}

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