[CSSWG] Resolutions F2F 2007-03: Test Suites and Pending Publications

Test Suites

   RESOLVED: When we get to a point where the CSSWG agrees the test suite
             is "good enough" for entering PR, we use that version (snapshot)
             of the test suite to enter PR, then continue to work on the test
             suite and errata.
   RATIONALE: Question was "when do we stop working on the test suite?" We
              will always find deep technical issues. At some point we have
              to stop, publish the REC, and use the errata system from there.
              Some people argued that there should be concrete criteria for
              when the test suite is "done", but no one offered any usable
              criteria. We have some tools to index the tests, but ultimately
              it will need to be a judgement call. It was further argued that
              work on the test suite should not stop just because we want to
              enter PR: the test suite will continue to be useful for driving
              interoperability and uncovering spec problems even after REC,
              and use of the test suite for PR transition should not prevent
              other uses of the test suite.

     Once all of the tests written by Microsoft and by Hixie are reviewed and
     checked in, we will have a much better view of what remains to be done
     for the CSS2.1 test suite.

   NOTED:    Specs should include a link to the official test suite, whether
             it is complete or not.

   RESOLVED: The intent of the CSSWG is to post two copies of the test suite,
             one with the W3C Document license and one with the BSD 3-clause
             license. The copy with the W3C Document License will be the
             official conformance test suite.
   RATIONALE: While the W3C Document License is fine for a test suite whose
              sole purpose is checking conformance claims, the amount of work
              that goes into this test suite does not justify limiting its
              use to that. Several major contributors do not want to contribute
              tests if these tests are not freed for other uses. These tests
              would be very useful in particular during the implementation
              development process, and the members of the CSSWG would like to
              make the tests in the test suite accessible for such uses. This
              requires placing them under a liberal open source license, and
              the BSD 3-clause license was chosen by consensus.

Mobile Profile

   RESOLVED: Mobile Profile can move to CR as long as marquee and overflow
             are tagged as at-risk.
   RATIONALE: The marquee and overflow properties are in the Box Module,
              which is still only a working draft. As long as they have
              not progressed to CR they block the Mobile Profile from
              reaching PR.

Media Queries

   RESOLVED: em and ex units in media queries must be relative to the
             initial values of the font properties, not to values on the
             root element (since style sheets can change those).
   RESOLVED: Media Queries shall be published as a Last Call Working Draft.
   RESOLVED: Media Queries to be moved to dev.w3.org.

CSS3 Color

   No resolutions were recorded. :( See minutes for discussion; we went through
   dbaron's issues list. Assuming dbaron kept track of the discussion, any WG
   resolutions should appear in the issues list.

   This spec should be ready for Last Call soon.

CSS Namespaces

   The chairs chose for political reasons not to make any resolutions. The
   CSSWG hopes to, with the XHTML2WG's approval, morph the XHTML2WG's request
   for removing default namespaces into a request for clarification/guidance
   on the use of default namespaces in conjunction with Selectors and resolve
   the issue by adding an XHTML2WG-approved note to CSS Namespaces.

   CSS Namespaces issues are tracked at

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