[CSSWG] Resolutions F2F 2008-03: Box Model

Box Model Module

   NOTED:    It was proposed that the overflow and marquee properties be split off
             to form their own module. These properties are needed by the Mobile
             Profile and are reasonably independent of the box model details.
             Splitting them off allows them to move forward to CR without being
             held back by the rest of the box module, which is quite complex and
             will need significantly more review. There seemed to be consensus on
             this idea, but no formal resolution was made.


   NOTED:    fantasai's proposal for adding box-sizing keywords to the 'width'
             and 'height' properties was discussed.
             Most of the working group was strongly in favor, 1/2 of one company's
             representation was opposed. No resolution was recorded wrt adopting
             the proposal.
   RESOLVED: That should the proposal be adopted, its keywords must be consistent
             with box-sizing.
   NOTED:    That the proposed keywords are applied to min-width, max-width, width,
             min-height, max-height, and height.
   NOTED:    That the proposed keywords, like box-sizing, have no effect on the
             behavior of 'auto', 'fit-content', 'min-content', 'max-content', and
             'none' (max-width/height only) values for these properties.


   There was much discussion of horizontal and vertical centering, but no resolution
   on the issue. The discussion closed with fantasai and Alex assigned to write
   concrete proposals for horizontal and vertical alignment, respectively.

   For horizontal centering, there seem to be two distinct use cases:
     1. Standardizing CSS syntax equivalent to the <CENTER> tag. The
        <CENTER> tag centers all its children, but not itself, and
        this centering behavior is inherited.
     2. Centering a single element, such as a table. This use case
        requires centering the element and preferably not centering
        its children. Auto margins can handle some but not all of
        these cases.

   For vertical centering, it was agreed that alignment affects the
   element's children (because there's no way to center an element
   in its parent without taking it out of the normal flow).
   Also, it was agreed that vertical alignment of an element's children
   should cause it to create a new block formatting context. This
   greatly simplifies things by avoiding margin-collapsing and float
   complications. The default value of the new property will need to
   be a special value that doesn't turn the block into a BFC.

Page Breaking

   was discussed.

Advanced Layout and Non-rectangular Slots

   Bert reported that designers want non-rectangular regions, to put
   images in corners or in the center. However, auto-sizing
   non-rectangular slots (such as a C shape that has as much text
   above as below) is very difficult. In the interest of moving
   forward and getting implementations, fantasai suggests leaving the
   slots rectangular for this version

   RESOLVED: Rename CSS Advanced Layout Module to CSS Template Layout

   NOTED: To avoid overlapping constraints, width and height should not
          apply to slots, only to columns and rows respectively.

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2008 23:57:59 UTC