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>Comment from the i18n review of:
>Comment 4
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>4.1 []
>"In order to achieve that effect, vertical-ideographic layout should be set 
>on each individual ruby. That can be accomplished with the following simple 
>CSS rule: ruby.bopomofo { writing-mode: tb-rl }"
>This is not sufficient. The accents in bopomofo ruby are not displayed as a 
>unidirectional run of text. Bopomofo accents are non-combining characters 
>that in memory follow the sequence of bopomofo alphabetic characters 
>spelling out a syllable. However, the second to fourth tones are displayed 
>in a separate vertical column to the right of the alphabetic characters, 
>and the neutral tone marker is displayed as a dot above the column of 
>alphabetic characters.

My understanding is that the placement of accents on bopomofo, like
the placement of all accents and diacritics or other combining
characters, is an issue of basic text rendering, rather than a
layout/styling issue. So I think a reference to some material
explaing how Bopomofo tone markers are placed may be appropriate
here, but the CSS Ruby spec should not go into detail.

This is of course unless there are variations of placement that
depend on style that can otherwise not be expressed or derived
from the existing/proposed CSS properties.

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