RE: "non-zero top border" in 8.3.1

I agree we have to be careful when making late changes. I agree updating tests is also a factor to take into account.

I am not buying the argument that it shouldn't be changed because the spec is written 8 years ago. The whole reason the spec stayed in a draft for a long time is because it takes time to analyze it to finest detail and find all issues. This is one of them.

I am also not sure what you mean by lowering respect from implementers for CSS working group. It is the implementers who proposing this change.

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>  * That we don't know what this change will imply. I think it would be
>    better to wait for a wider and more detailed study of the side
> effects
>    of this change before we go in and start poking at what was
> previously
>    assumed to be very stable text.
>  * That the previous text hasn't been given adequate time for
> implementors
>    to attempt to implement it.
>  * That repeatedly changing such complicated parts of the spec will
>    continue to make the CSS working group look incompetent.
>  * That this change would further lower the respect that implementors
> have
>    in the CSS working group, leading to the standards getting ignored.
>  * That if we make this change, it could be interpreted by the
> community
>    as being an admission that fundamental changes are again fair game,
>    which could lead to rather unwelcome pressure being put on the
> group.
>  * That it is FAR too late (by years) to be making changes to
> previously
>    agreed text.
> BTW, if this section does change, someone should take the
> responsibility
> for updating all the margin collapsing tests:
> (I certainly won't have time to do it; I'd estimate it would take a
> margin
> collapsing expert somewhere in the region of two weeks of solid work to
> actually go through each test and verify that it is still correct.)
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