Re: CSS21] CR-CSS21-20070719, 6.4.3 Selector specificity

* Andrei Polushin wrote:
>I have to decide how to implement this. First, I see the intent is to have
>multiple pseudo-elements per selector. Second, I have to implement the
>specificity calculation. Then I see two contradictory specifications and
>decide that the wording in [CSS21] takes priority over [CSS3SELECT]. Now you
>tell me that the wording in [CSS21] couldn't be treated as normative.

Specifity is an artifical construct used in the CSS specifications to
define which declarations wins if multiple declarations apply. You do
not have to implement it literally, you just need to get the ordering
right, and the specifications are consistent in defining the ordering.

If, at some point, we allow multiple pseudo-elements in a selector, we
will also define precedence rules for selectors involing more than one
pseudo-element as necessary. We do not know yet how this might look
like, the notes in the specification just serve as a reminder that an
implementation should not be designed in a way that makes supporting
multiple pseudo-elements at the selector level difficult.
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