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Here is the document Microsoft brought to the CSS Face to Face:

Obviously, this is a huge task and the work is still in progress. It was great to see that David also put some thought into this area so we had a fruitful discussion that included general concepts that will work for all browsers. It is by far not a complete collection of the table behavior but it gets us a step forward in defining cross-browser behavior and hopefully will lead to a document that makes tables more predictable for web developers and designers.

As Fantasai outlined the next steps will be to take the CSS WG input (joined action item for DBaron and myself ) and merge them into a single draft for CSS3 Tables. We hope to have a combined draft ready by the next F2F in Boston.

-- Markus

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Major topics for Tuesday included:
   Tables and Intrinsic Sizing
   CSS 2.1 Test Suite Status Report
   CSS3 Box Module
   CSS Grid Module

Tables and Intrinsic Sizing

   No resolutions from this session, which took up the whole morning.
   It was a working session where the WG tried to come to a common
   understanding of automatic table layout's column width calculation
   in (almost) all its gory detail. You can see some of the gory details
   and more extensively in David Baron's document at

   Microsoft's team and Mozilla's David Baron have each put together
   partially-intersecting discussions of table layout, which we hope to
   put together into detailed spec of how automatic table layout should
   work for the CSS3 Tables module. The goals are to spec what's currently
   interoperable, and where there isn't interoperability, to spec what
   is partially interoperable and sensible.

CSS 2.1 Test Suite Status Report

     Already have agreement on templates etc.
     HP has started contributing tests.
     Microsoft wants to but is stuck waiting for the lawyers.

   Additional notes:
     The test suite would benefit from a way for anyone to run tests and
       contribute to their browser's pass-fail report.
     Need to test open-ended multi-value properties -- up to what limit?
       Settled on test author assuming "reasonable" limit, documenting
       this assumption, and suggesting that this assumption can be put
       in the test assertion.

CSS3 Box Module

   RESOLVED: The following features will be in CSS Box Module Level 3
     and the rest of the old box module will be shifted to CSS Box Module
     Level 4. (Note that CSS4 Box may be published before some parts of
     CSS3: i.e. CSS modules beyond CSS2.1 do rev independently.)

     CSS Box Module Level 3:
       Everything from CSS2.1 generalized to handle vertical layout
       overflow-x and overflow-y
       marquee (required by OMA)
       fundamental definition of intrinsic (shrink-to-fit) sizing
       keywords for min-intrinsic, shrinkwrap, and max-intrinsic sizes

   Rotation is currently in the CSS3 Box draft, but will be moved to Level 4.

CSS Grid Layout

   General discussion and some resolutions on syntax issues:
     - Change terminology from "natural grid" to "implicit grid"
     - Drop default grid and look up the containing block chain for a grid
     - Use 'fr' instead of '*' for flex units (see HTML tables for *)
     - Use 'repeat(...)' for repetition patterns.


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