Re: [css3-selectors] :indeterminate

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Opera 9.50 Alpha has an implementation of the :indeterminate selector as
> described in Web Forms 2:
> The description of Web Forms 2 seems to slightly differ from the
> Selectors draft (where it is marked as an informative feature as well)

On Windows platforms, the meaning of "indeterminate" state in GUI does
not apply to radio buttons, so I'm quite surprised that Web Forms 2
defines "indeterminate" solely for radio buttons.

However, it does apply to checkboxes, and the visual appearance on
Windows 2000 and earlier could be as follows:

  :checked                 - checked item
  :unchecked               - unchecked item
  :checked:indeterminate   - checked item in indeterminate state
  :unchecked:indeterminate - unchecked item in indeterminate state

On Windows XP, in themed mode, there are only three appearances:

  :checked                 - checked item
  :unchecked               - unchecked item
  :indeterminate           - item in indeterminate state

That means that I would suggest:

  1) first implement it on checkboxes, then on radio buttons;

  2) first introduce :unchecked as a synonym for .not(:checked),
     then :indeterminate;

  3) don't assume that "indeterminate" is "neither checked nor
     unchecked", because it is a rather a separate UI state.

> and another problem is that the testsuite for Selectors relies on a
> proprietary indeterminate DOM attribute which we do not support. (Should
> we?)

(Probably, you should support your own proprietary DOM attribute :) )

Andrei Polushin

Received on Monday, 17 September 2007 22:17:59 UTC