RE: "non-zero top border" in 8.3.1

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> Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 1:48 PM
> It's preferable mostly just because it's defined,

Defined is good.

> There is no guarentee that if we tried to spec what Firefox and Safari do
> today that we'd get the spec to match exactly what they do.

As far as I can tell changing "top" to "bottom" in the second bullet will in fact match what they do. It is of course possible there are more complicated cases. It seems however that all browsers position empty boxes where they would be if they weren't empty (which is same as having a bottom border), and I have not seen any exception from this rule in any browser.

> The only reason that I would consider valid for changing margin collapsing
> rules at this point is if implementing the rules results in serious
> incompatibilities with existing content on major sites.

Yes, I also think compatibility is and should be a major force here. As I said before I don't have a preference to outcome, as long as other browsers are willing to change. For IE, any change here is a major compatibility issue that we'll have to deal with, so exact target is not all that important.

I want to hear from the browsers what they want to do. We'll talk about it in F2F, if you are not coming (or are you?) I hope you can call in for this one.

Thanks for discussion

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