Re: The Next Big Thing

"Rijk van Geijtenbeek" <> wrote:

>> Forgive my lack of knowledge on this issue, does the proposed method
>> allow users to disable web fonts through a user stylesheet which then
>> also results in a media query for web fonts to report no support?
>I don't think forcing users to write a user stylesheet is an appropiate way to disable downloading of fonts, it should be a separate option. Probably not something to mandate in the spec, but logically needed for implementations that care about user control and limiting bandwidth usage.

The question pertained to the evaluation of the proposed web fonts media
query. I foresee potential problems if it were to evaluate to "true" if
a user has disabled web fonts (regardless of how the user chooses to do
that or what options his browser offers).

FWIW with my preferred browser using a user stylesheet would be the most
convenient method if a user wants their preferred fonts to be used, but
also wants to have the option to quickly disable that override without
having to change the prefs for normal text, h1, h2, etc. etc.


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