Re: W3C CSS Home Redesign RFC

Hey Everybody,

I'm collecting the feedback and working on wireframes that I hope to  
have ready to show next week. I'll work up three different concepts  
for the information structure to be considered. These will NOT be the  
visual designs, though, only the page structure and IA.

As for making it "pretty" a low priority over making it "usable", in  
my a opinion usable has to be "pretty".

I do like the idea that we may want to consider making our home page  
new CSS Zen garden for designers to play with. Any other votes for that?

On Nov 20, 2007, at 5:04 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:

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>> Sent: 19 November 2007 06:17
>>   - Get rid of the "What's new" text on the front page. Maybe move it
>>     to a separate section, with separate pages for each type of news.
> I thought people were mostly saying reduce the size of it, rather  
> than ditch
> it completely.
> Note that setting up your home page as a blog home, as we do for
> allows you to limit the number of  
> items on
> the home page and automatically sets you up with additional and  
> separate
> pages (based on tags or categories).  You might want to consider  
> that. Just
> an idea.
>>   - Keep the front page very short.
>>   - Hierarchical navigation, with good navigational aids
>>   - Don't touch the font size.
>>   - Make it pretty
>>   - Maybe set up alternate style sheets from guest designers
>>   - Follow best practices for HTML, CSS, and accessibility.
> And, of course, internationalization !
> RI

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