Re: Comments on media queries

Henri Sivonen wrote:

> In any case, authoring for interlaced displays assumes that you know the 
> height of a scan line in CSS units. Media queries don't tell you how 
 > many scan lines a px equals, for example.

I think you can safely assume (and I think designers do assume) that a 
scan line is exactly 1px on all CRT displays, and especially ones that 
would need interlacing.
  these days for a desktop to have a screen that is both interlaced and

Which says a lot about the throwaway society.

> has such a low refresh rate that it makes small details flicker.

I don't find flicker a problem on small details.  It is a problem when 
someone designs large areas with alternate pixels dark and light on a 
vertical section.  Flicker being more noticeable on large areas is why 
early VDUs used a black background and white (green/orange) text.
David Woolley
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