Re: SVG Color Keywords Applicability

Bert Bos wrote [1]:
> We called the list of color names "SVG color keywords" because we copied 
> them from the SVG specification and because the SVG specification is 
> unambiguous. It doesn't mean that the colors are only allowed in SVG. 
> We could have called them "X11 color names," but there isn't a unique 
> list of X11 color names, as far as I know. Different implementations of 
> the X Window System have slightly different lists.

Alright, thanks. That’s where I was confused. I would expect…

<!DOCTYPE html …>
       <style type="text/css">
          * { color: forestgreen; }

… to be CSS3 Color Module‐compliant, for example. The specification 
leaves things a little bit unclear as to whether or not the “SVG color 
keywords” can be applied to non‐SVG elements; someone suggested to me 
that the keywords did not apply to HTML/XHTML elements, so I wanted some 

On a side note, I think Bjoern misinterpreted [2] what I was asking, so 
I put him on the CC list.


Received on Monday, 9 July 2007 13:42:29 UTC