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Direction property is already widely implemented and understood. The new prosed values package functionality that has been documented and implemented for some time. The proposal you are making would destabilize existing usage without providing any new behavior.


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My point is that inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical
is a better solution than the direction property for the reasons I
gave.  I'm not sure what you mean by putting the glyph rotation into the
inline direction properties.  I have separated the
inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical (inline direction)
and text-orientation-vertical (glyph orientation) into different properties.

Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
> The direction property already does what you wish to do with the
> inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical, although it
> appears that you are wanting to put the glyph rotation into the inline
> direction properties.
The point of my example is that with rotation you need remember and
apply the transformation in order to know the final orientation. 
Up/down/left/right avoids this by specifying the orientation explicitly.

My thoughts on glyph-orientation-vertical/glyph-orientation-horizontal:
I feel that alternate horizontal/vertical glyphs should be handled by
the Text (Text Effects?) Module, not Text Layout.  Remove alternate
horizontal/vertical glyph handling, combine glyph-orientation-vertical
and glyph-orientation-horizontal into a single property and you have
something basically the same as text-orientation-vertical.
> In reality, the glyph rotation is a factor of the orientation of the
> line flow/stacking and not the inline property of the individual line
> itself.
> Paul
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> Thank you for the link.
> My thoughts:
> I feel that inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical is
> better than direction/writing-mode.  It removes the need for a shorthand
> property (and associated redundancies).  It avoids the block progression
> direction/inline progression direction coupling problems of
> writing-mode.  It avoids the horizontal/vertical direction coupling
> problems of direction.  It's also more intuitive than the direction
> property imo.
> The glyph orientation properties/property values seem more complex than
> necessary, but I'll take a closer look.  I feel that up/down/left/right
> is more intuitive for glyph orientation than specifying an angle.  For
> example, it doesn't require remembering whether 90 degrees is left or
> right.

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