Re: [CSS3 Text Layout] working draft

My point is that inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical 
is a better solution than the direction property for the reasons I 
gave.  I'm not sure what you mean by putting the glyph rotation into the 
inline direction properties.  I have separated the 
inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical (inline direction) 
and text-orientation-vertical (glyph orientation) into different properties.

Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
> The direction property already does what you wish to do with the
> inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical, although it
> appears that you are wanting to put the glyph rotation into the inline
> direction properties.
The point of my example is that with rotation you need remember and 
apply the transformation in order to know the final orientation.  
Up/down/left/right avoids this by specifying the orientation explicitly.

My thoughts on glyph-orientation-vertical/glyph-orientation-horizontal:
I feel that alternate horizontal/vertical glyphs should be handled by 
the Text (Text Effects?) Module, not Text Layout.  Remove alternate 
horizontal/vertical glyph handling, combine glyph-orientation-vertical 
and glyph-orientation-horizontal into a single property and you have 
something basically the same as text-orientation-vertical.
> In reality, the glyph rotation is a factor of the orientation of the
> line flow/stacking and not the inline property of the individual line
> itself.
> Paul
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> Thank you for the link.
> My thoughts:
> I feel that inline-direction-horizontal/inline-direction-vertical is 
> better than direction/writing-mode.  It removes the need for a shorthand
> property (and associated redundancies).  It avoids the block progression
> direction/inline progression direction coupling problems of 
> writing-mode.  It avoids the horizontal/vertical direction coupling 
> problems of direction.  It's also more intuitive than the direction 
> property imo.
> The glyph orientation properties/property values seem more complex than 
> necessary, but I'll take a closer look.  I feel that up/down/left/right 
> is more intuitive for glyph orientation than specifying an angle.  For 
> example, it doesn't require remembering whether 90 degrees is left or
> right.

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