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> Markus Mielke wrote:
>> *Problem:*
>>  Allow centering of content within a containing block. Today, we only  
>> have text-align: center available that only applies to text and inline  
>> elements. This makes general centering of elements (like images) really  
>> difficult.
>>  *Proposal: *
>>  It would actually be better to create a new property ...
> I've written this up for the wiki here:
> There are a number of open issues. I'll paste the summary below, with my
> suggestions in **.
> [...]

I think it would be good if one of these features exactly matches the  
behavior of <center>. (I thought that was the idea behind the proposal, at  
least for some proponents.) It seems that WebKit and Gecko have  
implemented that as text-align:-webkit-center and text-align:-moz-center  
respectively. Maybe we should introduce block-center as a value for  

Anne van Kesteren

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