Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Request for feedback on syntax

On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 21:36:02 +0100, Alex Mogilevsky  
<> wrote:
> So if CSS parser is un fact required for parsing media queries, how does  
> the query syntax change?

Currently it is not very detailed whether or not the CSS parser is used.  
All browser vendors I talked to already use the CSS parser although they  
have some additional processing on top of that for rules in HTML4 which no  
longer seem necessary. There is an HTML5 validation project that does not  
use CSS parsing.

What would change is that the specification would be more explicit about  
what is required. Either it "simply" requires CSS syntax or it requires  
one syntax for outside CSS and one for inside CSS. I think so far most  
people prefer the former.

> Perhaps this was already covered in discussion but if not - is this a  
> small change or will somebody implementing this from scratch have to  
> learn everything about CSS parsing?

If you do not have support for CSS already and will not get it (in case of  
HTML-only validators for instance) you would indeed need a more complex  

Anne van Kesteren

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