RE: [CSS3 Paged Media] containing block for margin boxes

Fantasai said:
  Melinda said:
> > "...on that side" isn't very clear.  Maybe "...abutting
> that edge"...?
> Yeah.. how about "on its associated side".. or..

The problem is the word 'side': we talk about front side, back side, right side, left side...  In general the use of the word side is used to refer to a page sheet surface. I think extending its use to refer to the edge of the medium doesn't benefit clarity.

> Do we really have to subtract out the borders?

I don't know why the spec was written this way, but it seems to have been this way since 2003. Of the three implementations I have access to, HP and Epson follow the spec in this regard. Prince does not.

> In that case, you can't just subtract out the widths: a containing
> block needs a position as well as a size. so something like
>                      For all other margin boxes, the
> containing block is
>    the rectangle formed by the page box's margin and border
> edges on the
>    margin box's side of the page and  page box's padding edges on the
>    sides perpendicular to that side.

I'll work on it. :)

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