RE: [css3-background] background-position relative to other corners

I wrote:

> If the background was given to the body element using the above rules with calc(). Over the width of a 1280 
> viewpoint the right and bottom edge of the background image would move backs and forwards by initially 10px 
> upon resizing of the viewpoint down or move backs and forwards by finally 10px when resizing of the viewpoint 
> up.
> 1280-80px(scrollbar etc)-100px-100px=1000px divided by 100% = 10px
> I believe that my model should not include percentage as background-size is ideal for this but for situations 
> with background position in pixels with a fixed or fluid width box my model is possibly simpler.

I have done a few test with background-size that works in Safari 3 (beta) that could be showing what I have explained above.

Widening or narrowing the window will reveal gaps or bands in the background image at certain intervals. This is more prominent on the horizontal axis and is more apparent when done slowly. All three test behave differently in where the gaps appear or the amount of times a gap appears. The first test I can count over 30 gaps appearing when widening the viewpoint from 800px up to 1200px ever so slowly. These test could also just show a bug in Safari 3.


Received on Sunday, 9 December 2007 00:31:38 UTC